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DATA CLOUD powered by CDP

Data unification, Smart segmentations and Multichannel activations

Unify your data
Data Cloud

Companies exponentially multiply their customer data every year, and the coexistence of CRM data and digital data requires new technologies capable of maximizing our knowledge of our customers. Under this philosophy, Data Cloud emerges as a platform that is revolutionizing customer-related data architecture. Data Cloud is not a CRM, it’s not a BI tool, it’s a platform that brings together all customer data and builds a relational data model focused on the individual, and through unification rules identifies individuals across any platform (CRM, ERP, Websites, Webinar, Marketing Automation, etc.).


Salesforce Data Cloud was baptized as Salesforce Genie at Dreamforce 2022. The main innovation is Salesforce’s commitment to transform the entire platform into a real-time technology, from data capture to segment creation. Undoubtedly, this is a concept that revolutionizes the world of marketing.



ShowerThinking is one of the pioneer partners in implementing Salesforce CDP, and we have several successful case studies that we would be delighted to share with you. One of the advantages of Data Cloud is that it is a platform that can be 100% operational in less than 3 months.


Personalization starts with knowledge, and data is the raw material. Data Cloud unifies all customer data on a single platform and allows you to create segments and cluster all the data in your architecture with just a few clicks. Additionally, it allows you to add advanced business logic to create completely customized metrics and KPIs for your company.


What is Salesforce Data Cloud powered by CDP?


Capture, unify and segment your data

Data Cloud is a new platform concept that has come to revolutionize the digital marketing industry. It is a Data Lake that utilizes the full potential of the Salesforce Platform. It has never been easier to inject data from your CRM or digital tools into a Data Lake, as Data Cloud has a series of standard connectors that facilitate the flow of data.

On the Data Lake, a personalized data model is built focusing on the individual, which combines data from both CRM, ERP or digital sources. By using reconciliation rules, individuals existing in different data sources or platforms are unified. Finally, with just a few clicks, advanced data segments and analysis can be performed.

Customer Data Cloud is built on a big data infrastructure and features the user-friendliness of Salesforce Platform, making it a perfect combination for marketing teams.

Websites, webinar platforms, marketing automation tools, CRM, etc… No matter where your customer data is located, with Data Cloud you can unify their data and apply the magic of multi-platform segmentation.

Can you imagine being able to create segments by combining the potential of CRM with digital interactions? That’s just a matter of clicks with Data Cloud.

Forget about manual processes with CSVs or complicated APIs. With Data Cloud, you can easily and effectively send your segments to SFMC, Marketing Cloud Personalization or Paid Media Platforms.

Apply advanced logic on the Data Lake to obtain metrics and KPIs calculated from multi-platform data, and apply advanced scoring and grading for customers.

Customer Data Cloud:

Data Cloud + Genie. ShowerThinking

Salesforce Data Cloud is a relatively new technology which, despite its short time in the market, has gone through several name changes. It started off as Salesforce CDP and went to be known as Customer Data Cloud. It won’t be long into the future when it incorporates all the potential of Genie — all the capabilities of Data Cloud in real time. This is, without a doubt, a clear example of how fast technology is advancing. An opportunity for all companies that are committed to pioneering investments in improving their customer knowledge.

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