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Real-time personalized marketing

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We are an agency that specializes in working with the entire suite of Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions. Our experience will allow you to get the most out of Personalization. Can you imagine connecting the data from all your platforms and combining it with the digital events that occur on the web? Personalisation’s customizability is limitless.

Unleash the real power of Segmentation

With Marketing Cloud Personalization, you will be able to perform segmentations by combining data from all your platforms with just a few clicks, without needing any coding knowledge. Are you ready to unleash the real power of segmentation and targeting?

Personalisation Einstein
Personalisation Stats

Profiling your audience

Take your marketing profiles to the next level. ShowerThinking will help you connect all your data, and with Personalization, you can generate amazing customer profiles. Marketing Cloud Personalization allows you to generate scoring models, affinity categorization, activity tracking, … and for both B2B and B2C markets.

Democratizing machine learning algorithms

At ShowerThinking, we help you get the most out of Artificial Intelligence. Our experience creating Personalization recipes will allow you to create experiences about your customers like never before.

Personalisation Einstein. ShowerThinking

Personalization Implementation Partner

We are an officially certified digital marketing agency as a Personalization Partner. At Showerthinking, we are convinced that the driver of the digital transformation of companies is the marketing departments, so we always focus our projects on this area. We have developed our own methodology called Shower Thinking Layer Model, based on our more than 10 years of digital experience, our expertise in Marketing Cloud Personalization, and on which we apply the power of BI + AI.

AIl Recommendation: Personalization Recipes

Recommendations Experiences

Experienced Partners

Not only are we a partner with a lot of experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we have several Personalization success stories. We have been working with Evergade for a few years and we can help you get the most out of the 1: 1 platform. Whether you are looking for a partner to implement Personalization or you need help with your implementation, ShowerThinking has the team you need.


ShowerThinking is a data-driven agency


If you have just acquired Personalization or are in the process of acquiring it, at ShowerThinking we can help you implement this fantastic tool. From the tagging of web analytics, third party integrations, web campaigns...

Cross-Channel Integration

If you are looking to take your Customer Experience to the next level, at ShowerThinking we are experts in building Cross-Channel Customer Journeys. We combine all the power of Personalization with the rest of your Salesforce ecosystem.


Analytics is the key to personalization. ShowerThinking is a Marketing Intellegence agency that optimizes data-driven customer relationships. From the conception of the data layer to the definition of a data architecture that connects all your platforms.

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