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About Us

Marketing Intelligence agency powered by Salesforce

Salesforce platform experts
ShowerThinking is a hybrid Marketing & Technology Consulting Firm with More Than 15 years of experience
About us, ShowerThinking Agency
About us, ShowerThinking Agency
Salesforce platform experts
ShowerThinking is an hybrid Marketing & Technology agency with 14 years experience
About us, ShowerThinking Agency
About us, ShowerThinking Agency

We provide a full portfolio of services for all the marketing and technological needs in the Salesforce platform

From Technology Auditing, Marketing Consultancy, Salesforce App Development, Managed Services, Training or Content Development for large and mid size companies

Experts in Salesforce

We are amongst very few consulting firms with proven track record of developing complex projects on Marketing Cloud.

We love multi-cloud projects that focus on delivering unique and 1 to 1 communications.

About us ShowerThinking
Sharing Visibility Designer
Platform Developer I
Sales Cloud Consultant
Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Marketing Cloud Developer
Data Architecture and Management Designer
Comunity Cloud Consultant
Platform App Builder
Marketing Cloud Consultant
Pardot Consultant
Pardot Specialist

A Fully Certified Team

We believe that effective digital Marketing is blending with technology expertise! we are the first agency to have Salesforce Architects in our core team.

We maintain more than 60 certifications in our team and present our customers with more than 100 years of aggregate experience in digital marketing! 

ShowerThinking Agency International Salesforce

We are an international agency

Our deep experience in Marketing Cloud is trusted by a well recognized and long list of global customers. We launch more than 50 cross-channel journeys every month in 22 countries.

In ShowerThinking we have two global operation centers:

Awarded as top 10 Salesforce Solution Providers 2021 in Europe

In 2021 we were awarded by CIO Application Europe as one of the most innovative Salesforce partners.

ShowerThinking Journey

ShowerThinking launched the first Salesforce university program in Europe jointly with ESIC business and Marketing School

ShowerThinking Customers

ShowerThinking Customers