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Salesforce History

The Salesforce History, from a garage to the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco

Salesforce is a very young company that is in the middle of a “Boom”, however it has an interesting story worthy of a Hollywood movie script, ingredients are not lacking
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Neuromarketing Keys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Neuromarketing Keys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Neuromarketing is a field of study that combines neuroscience with marketing. Its main objective is to use knowledge about the functioning of the human brain to design more effective and
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Field Validation on Cloud Pages Forms in SFMC

Fields Validation: forms on Cloud Pages Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud provides a wide range of tools for form creation, but validating fields on Cloud Pages forms can seem like a challenge. In this post, we will explain how
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Marketing Cloud Datorama

Meet Marketing Cloud Intelligence by Datorama

Decades are passing by in the so-called information age and the exponential growth of data generated on a daily basis is relentless; digital networks have long since consolidated their importance
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Auto-Suppression Lists in Marketing Cloud

Whenever we work with databases, we might encounter numerous emails to which we do not wish to or cannot send communications to all the email addresses registered. The marketing teams
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Mobile Studio

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio

Looking to create a true multichannel experience for your customers? Then you can’t miss the implementation of Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Studio in your campaigns, the tool that establishes a direct,
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