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Discover how to achieve 1 to 1 Marketing

No one doubts that the Marketing Cloud is the most powerful digital marketing suite available today a platform perfectly integrated with all customer data (CRM) that allows us to generate fully customized, all-channel experiences over our entire marketing network (customers, partners, employees, etc.). However, ability to deploy all these features requires a highly qualified team. ShowerThinking helps your success  by making available all the necessary knowledge to develop digital marketing plans on Marketing Cloud. Our specialiazed services range from the implementation of the tool to the execution and analysis of the campaigns, providing you with an all-in solution and  an end-to-end service.


Are you going to start a project on Marketing Cloud? We’ll help you with all the setup and developments needed to get your company up and running on Salesforce’s Marketing Hub. We have extensive experience setting up new environments, a service that includes not only the setup, but also a data cleaning process and IP address warming.


We audit your environments and help you develop an integration strategy, either through Marketing Cloud Connect or ETL tools. Proper integration is key to the success of a Cloud Marketing project. We train you and help you deploy all the digital functionalities of the tool with Salesforce’s data management, segmentation and campaign management features.


Relationship marketing has taken on a new dimension thanks to Salesforce. On the same platform, you can work on any touch point produced by a marketing and sales networks (customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, retailers and others). At ShowerThinking we are experts in 1 to 1 marketing; we combine CRM data into your marketing strategy to generate unique experiences.


What is Marketing Cloud?

If you need help to deepen your knowledge about SFMC, at ShowerThinking we are expert trainers. We help you evolve your project from the most basic concepts to the most advanced ones


Smart Customer Experiences

Do you have a Marketing Cloud and use it as MailChimp? Has a technology consultant implemented Salesforce for you and your team doesn’t know how to use it? Do you know that the future of digital marketing is the Marketing Cloud but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Throughout our mor- than-15 year experience we have found many customers with the same problem(s).

We specialize in deploying all the functionalities of the most powerful marketing hub in the market and adjusting it to your business objectives! 

Elevate your email marketing strategies to omnichannel thanks to Marketing Cloud and ShowerThinking.

Don’t settle for basic flows, we help you work all the touch points on omnicanal campaigns.

We help you exploit the relational potential of push notifications and sms.
We integrate this listening, analytical and publishing tool on relationship marketing strategies 360.
Our favorite tool! We teach you to multiply the ROI of your Paid Media campaigns.
A basic for B2C campaigns, we help you unify, segment and activate audiences on this Data Management Platform.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of marketing

We are an officially certified digital marketing agency as a Salesforce Partner. In Showerthinking we are convinced that the driver of the digital transformation of companies are the marketing departments, so we always focus our projects on this area. We have developed our own methodology called Showerthinking Layer Model, based on our more than 10 years of digital experience, our expertise in Salesforce and on which we apply the power of BI + AI.
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