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Business Intelligence for Marketers

Intelligence PARTNERS

ShowerThinking is a data-driven agency

Data Integration

We help you architect and develop projects with data integration in mind. while maintaining the focus on the objectives of your business. We offer integration of all MarTech data on Intelligence's workspaces into your customized project

Data Visualization

With our years of experience in UX, we help you implement dashboards using the Intelligence platform, customizing the visualization of the data to the needs of your company

Data Intelligence

We not only work with Einstein AI? we have the expertise to add external algorithms to your Intelligence that will help you reach the next level in Marketing Intelligence

Data Processing

We transform your data into business value. We are experts in adding AI layers of to help you reach the pinnacle of predictive marketing

We love to combine the power of the best MarTechs
Intelligence + Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Intelligence Salesforce.

Cross-Channel Customer Journey Dashboards

Marketing teams need BI solutions tailored to the complexity of their processes. We are experts in developing dashboards that reflect the traceability of a cross-channel customer journey. Combining data from CRM, marketing automation and digital assets.

Intelligence Marketing BI

Marketing BI Apps

Intelligence is much more than dashboards, at ShowerThinking we build BI applications for marketing and sales teams. Solutions designed for directors and marketing specialists that can exploit all their data without a technical analytics kwnoledge.

We are a Intelligence certificated agency

We are a Intelligence partner agency that has the required certifications to face any project on this platform. In addition, we are Salesforce partners and we have a certified team in the entire Salesforce Marketing and Sales suite.

The key to our success is having a fully certified team in Salesforce: Sales Cloud, Communities, Marketing Cloud, Account Engagement, Datorama, etc.

Looking for partner?

We are specialists in working with companies that have a certain history working with Salesforce.

We are much more than an implementer and we accompany our clients in all stages of the digital transformation journey of their marketing and sales.

Need MarTech Support?

We not only work with Salesforce technology, we are a digital marketing agency that incorporates all the necessary knowledge to architect and implement any advanced analytics project.

At ShowerThinking, you will find the technology and marketing partners you need all in one.

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