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Accreditation in Marketing Cloud Personalization: Guide to Success

Accreditation in Marketing Cloud Personalization: Guide to Success

As in any cloud, we have our certifications or accreditations and in this case Personalization has an accreditation available. For this reason we will have the exam and training in the Partner Learning Camp portal that we will use as a guide to train and finally get the accreditation.

Let's prepare the accreditation!

As a good Marketer, you will know all the possibilities that Personalization offers us, but if you haven’t read it already, you can read our article about what it is and all the possibilities that Personalization offers us.

This tool, integrated in Marketing Cloud, is based on personalizing the user’s browsing experience, using the knowledge we have of the user. For all this to work like a well-oiled engine, we must learn how to use the tool. As always Salesforce offers us a training that will help us to learn and obtain the necessary knowledge to take advantage of the potential of this tool.

What should I know?

In the Marketing Cloud Personalization accreditation exam we will have 75 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions and we must get at least 70% of the questions right. Below we give you the clues so that you know the importance of each section with respect to the total, in addition we add some hints to go a little deeper.

Solution Overview 16%

General knowledge. Like any tool, we must have some basic and generic knowledge about what it is used for and its potential, and be able to provide a good solution to our needs.

Setup & Administration 6%

The foundation. We must learn how to install and manage the tool so that the client has all the needs in terms of permissions and security. Although the tool does not have many options on this aspect, these are the basics so that it has a good initial foundation.

Data Integration 14%

The power of information. Here we must know how we can feed the tool with the information it needs to personalize the content. From how to integrate it with the CRM or third party tools, to how to load information from a CSV. This part is important so that the user’s information is not exclusively from browsing behavior and we have other types of information that give us an advantage when personalizing content (name, country, email…).

Sitemap 18%

Stores the behavior. In order for the tool to obtain the navigation data, we must configure the Sitemap. This is a script that can be executed in the user’s browser and will send the information to Personalization. It is basic and vital to be able to run campaigns and experiences on the web depending on the behavior of the surfer. To take full advantage we must have some knowledge of Javascript and the library itself that we load from Personalization.

Segmentation 18%

Divide and conquer. When you have all the users and all the information correctly stored, the next step will be to divide the audience into segments so that we can create and leverage campaigns for a certain number of users. We must know how to properly segment people based on their attributes, their behavior, their metadata…

Einstein Capabilities 10%

Einstein always helps. Here we must know how to use Artificial Intelligence to our advantage and know how to predict the next best action, visualize the best experience or optimize the dynamization of content. We must know what ingredients we need to successfully execute a recipe to get a more accurate end result.

Activation 18%

Ready to go. We must know how to face the moment of putting all the above points into production without rushing. We must give importance to those small quality details that make a Personalization integration shine.

Tips & Tricks

We will now give some tips on how to get to know the tool and how to solve problems.

1 - Use reliable sources

Being an official Salesforce accreditation… Who better to train you than Salesforce themselves?

We all know about the amount of blogs and forums where we can find information (in many cases very useful), but to get an official recognition, we must get the information directly from the source, without intermediaries. With the Partner Learning Camp we have an excellent study guide with links, pdfs, and more.

2 – Always better with practice

If you have the possibility, get to work. There is no better experience than doing things yourself. Of course, it’s not all about practice, theory too. But when you can put the acquired knowledge into practice, learning is optimal.

3 - Support yourself in the community

In the gigantic world of Salesforce, there will always be someone willing to answer a question or give you a hand. There are several channels through which you can ask questions and get them solved. Forums, Slack, Official Support…

4 - Expand your searches

When searching for a term, a problem (or anything related) in a search engine, don’t just search as Personalization. Search also with their old names, Interaction Studio or even Evergage. Keep in mind that the results you find will be old publications and do not have to be valid. That’s why you should prioritize the first tip again.

We hope this information has been helpful and you feel more prepared for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization journey. I wish you the best of luck and success in your accreditation.

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