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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification

Exam MC email specialist

In relation to the topic I already mentioned in this post about Salesforce Certifications, I’m going to try to solve your doubts about how to take the exam for Cloud Email Marketing Specialist.

First things first: there are four exams to obtain the complete Cloud Marketing Certification:

  • Cloud Marketing Manager: Designed for administrators who can set up cloud marketing products using industry and product best practices. Candidates should generally be familiar with the data structure in subscriber data management and can navigate the Setup. Certified Cloud Marketing administrators can successfully resolve account settings and user requests.
  • Cloud Email Marketing Specialist: designed for those who can demonstrate knowledge, skills and experience in email marketing best practices. Includes message design, subscriber and data management, inbox delivery, and external integrations with the Email Marketing Cloud application.
  • Cloud Marketing Developer: Certified Cloud Marketing developers have hands-on experience developing across the platform. They create dynamic, personalized messages and landing pages, and are proficient in the Cloud Marketing scripting languages. They also have experience in advanced segmentation, reporting and analysis, and data configuration.
  • Cloud Marketing Consultant: Designed for those who can configure and deploy Salesforce Marketing Cloud application tools, providing solutions for running tactical and strategic email campaigns. Candidates must have extensive knowledge of Salesforce applications, set up and regularly manage Salesforce, and work with stakeholders to define requirements

Who it is aimed at

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist credential is geared toward individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in email marketing best practices, message design, subscriber and data management, inbox delivery, email automation, and tracking and reporting metrics within the Marketing Cloud Email application.

About the exam

Now I’m going to explain the general idea of how the exam is.

  • Content: 60 multiple choice questions
  • Time allocated to complete the exam: 105 minutes
  • Score to pass: 68%
  • Language: English
  • Registration fee: USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required by local law
  • Recovery fee: USD 100, plus applicable taxes as required by local law
  • Delivery options: supervised exam delivered on-site at a test center or in an online supervised environment.
  • Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this exam, however, I recommend that you complete the recommended Trailhead path provided by Salesforce as a practice before completing this exam.

Examination Outline

First of all, to start preparing for the exam we should visit the home page of the exams. Here you will find the basic information about the exam, the registration form and of course the study guide, all completely free of charge. You will also have access to support modules that reflect the points of the study guide, each section includes E-Learning modules, knowledge base articles (support information) and videos (mini videos to support learning). The E-learning modules are definitely a prerequisite for taking the exam and cover almost everything, the videos and the knowledge base articles are excellent for clarifying any questions we may not have understood. I would also recommend that you write notes while watching the videos to refer to them later.

In this structure of the exam, we should familiarize ourselves with each point of the topics to be covered and the weight of each one. The greater the weight, the more questions will usually be asked.

  • Email Marketing Best Practices: 15%
  • Email Message Design: 13%
  • Content Creation and Delivery: 18%
  • Marketing Automation: 19%
  • Subscriber and Data Management: 28%
  • Tracking and Reporting: 7%






  • Given a customer scenario, recommend email design best practices to implement.
  • Given the desired output functionality, recommend methods for creating incoming emails.
  • Given the desired output requirements, recommend strategies for testing A/B email elements.


  • Given a customer scenario, explain the different metrics available for email campaigns and what each one means.
  • Given an email campaign, describe the steps needed to analyze performance results.
  • Given the need to run reports, configure and run Cloud Marketing ad hoc and automated reports.


  • Cloud marketing is a complex platform, do not try to cover everything at once, focus on what the test asks for
  • When you take a test, first try to eliminate incorrect answers to make sure you are confident with each answer
  • Do all the Trailhead modules related to Cloud Marketing while taking notes to help you memorize and learn.
  • Read their posts on the Salesforce blog to stay up to date


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