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ShowerThinking obtains the homologation as Datorama’s partner

ShowerThinking certified datorama

We are a partner of Datorama! In ShowerThinking, Intelligent Marketing agency, we have just certified the business level in Datorama, the integration tool that allows to connect all data sources and generate an integrated source that facilitates the analysis and decision making.

We add this new Partnership, which our team of specialists has achieved after a great effort and we demonstrate once again that we bet on the best Business Intelligence platforms to offer the best services to our customers.

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a platform that automatically connects marketing tools and unifies reports on investments, performance and results. In this way, it helps you to be more efficient. It is one of the best tools

Datorama’s main objective is to visualize, analyze and measure the real time impact of advertising campaigns carried out through different channels and achieve success through its cloud marketing platform based mainly on artificial intelligence.

This tool has a fairly simple, intuitive and visual interface, so that a unified view is quickly obtained and also allows you to manage it without problems.

What are the main functions of Datorama?

Managing data can be a difficult and time consuming task, something that marketing professionals do not usually have. Therefore, Datorama provides a series of functionalities to optimize the performance of your marketing strategy.

1. Connect and unify data

Through channels, tools and internal systems immediately in order to measure, report and optimize. Integrates data from social platforms, visualization, search, video, web analytics, CRM and email into the largest API library. Some key integration features are:

  • APIConnect. This is the largest marketing API library. It accesses databases, big data environments and cloud storage platforms.
  • TotalConnect. Automates data entry, compilation, cleanup, and data modeling assignments from all file-based report sources. Datorama obtains strategic information from hundreds of thousands of active data transmissions daily.
  • LiteConnetc. Simplifies data entry and analysis of individual data files. No initial data modeling considerations are required, making it perfect for ad hoc analysis and non-marketing sources such as sales data, geographic data or weather data.

2. Drives business growth

By obtaining scalable and customized solutions in record time to maximize ROI, objectives and activities from analysis and information between different channels such as email, social networks, web, etc. Optimizes potential customers, their conversion with advanced information and knowledge across all channels, sites and devices.

3. Provides complete and fast reports from data

Datorama transforms the data into visual guides and descriptions so that it is better understood and acted upon. It has statistical analysis methods and automated regression modeling to analyze in less time.

With this tool it is possible to monitor and report all marketing data on a single platform and provides all stakeholders with the appropriate KPIs, trends and breakdowns.

4. Link Revenues to Automated Reports

View performance trends, correct KPIs, campaign analysis and segment breakdowns for platforms such as Adwords, Facebook or Google Analytics It also prioritizes improving each investment and achieving campaign objectives by making smarter decisions.

5. Activates data and brings teams together to improve campaign performance

It analyzes and stops low performance campaigns and modifies everything necessary to achieve the best results. Provides automatic predictions to complete objectives and obtain recommendations. And promotes collaboration between teams.

For all these reasons, we have no doubt that Datorama is a tool with great potential.

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