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Interaction Studio – Real Time 1 to 1 Personalization

interaction studio

Companies have an increasing number of communication channels whereby their current or potential customers can relate to the brand with interaction studio.

This involves many challenges and high level of complexity:

  • How to process and enrich all the information we receive from our clients from any communication channel? 
  • How to achieve a level of experience and personalization for our users individually based on all the information we have? 
  • How, given the high complexity of a digitalized world, give the appropriate response, through the appropriate channel and do it immediately?

These are the goals for which Interaction Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the answer.

Unified Customer Profile & Decisioning Engine

To process all the information regardless of the communication channel through which It

reaches us, Interaction Studio has a dashboard that provides a complete vision of the client/prospect, unifying in a single site their different identities in the different channels and creating an unified profile that groups: contact data, their interactions and the metrics related to their interactions. And all this in real time.

If to all this information, we add the platform’s artificial intelligence tool: Einstein, we will be able to provide our users with more relevant experiences according to their preferences and needs, deciding, for example, what will be our next best action, or carrying out coherent marketing campaigns through any touchpoint, with the user.

This is possible thanks to:

Einstein Recipes: that brings advanced, per-user product and content suggestions using complex algorithms and a deep understanding of user behavior. 

Einstein Decisions: automates the process of deciding who should see what content, rather than relying on the manual creation of complex rules.

decisions interaction studio

Data Sources Integration

And where do we start? First of all, it will be necessary to integrate our different data sources with the platform: Web Behaviour, Product Catalog, Content, Promotions , Email engagement, CRM, Mobile Behaviour, DMP, 3rd Party, AdTech Engagement, Call Center, LiveChat, In-Branch.

To do this, we have several possibilities available: through ETL, through real-time API calls, also through developments tools such as JS or SDK.

Data Sources Integration


Segmentation is one of the key components of Interaction Studio. You can filter your users and accounts based on a wide range of criteria you define, such as : Campaign, Action, Subscription, Visits, Location, Metrics, Third Party, Items.

Once a segment is created, the segment updates happen in real-time, this is one of the great advantages about using Interaction Studio, so any membership changes occur immediately, even during the same visit.

segment interaction studio

The segments can be used for a variety of purposes:

Campaign customization: directing personalized and specific messages for each segment.

Set goals/targets and make filters: segments can be used to filter campaign statistics and see how different groups react to a certain action.

Analytics, trends, and engagement: the creation of segments is also useful when analyzing trends and the level of “engagement” of each segment.

Analyze member details: with the level of detail offered by Interaction Studio it is possible to access the behavioral data of each user of specific account -> Unified Customer Profile.

Import or export segment membership: you can export the data of the segments including any defined segment rule, and it is also possible to synchronize the segments with your CRM to be able to include everything that Interaction Studio has captured about a lead, contact or account.

Campaigns & Templates

Once we have our clients identified and our data sources integrated, it will be the time to start launching segmented communication campaigns and through the appropriate channels.

For that, in Interaction Studio we have the necessary tools to create a campaign.

Selecting first:

The segment, the category and the rules to enter in it.

Then we will have to work with the communication channels deciding where we will show our personalized content: in an area of our website, through a content block in an email, using personalized messages via mobile…

In short, Interaction Studio is a powerful tool that, in addition to providing a 360ª view of users, it will be a great help to any company with a Customer Centric strategy.

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