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Evergage joins the Salesforce family

Everage joins the Salesforce family

Salesforce recently announced the full acquisition of Evergage, a major move that is not yet known but involves a large number of stakeholders and aims to enhance the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What is Evergage?

Evergage is a cloud-based software company that hosts user data to collect, analyze, and respond to user behavior on its websites and apps in real time. Therefore, this company founded in 2010 by Karl Wirth and Greg Hinkle, has been positioned as a company specializing in real-time personalization and customer data platform (CDP).

Evergage’s mission throughout these 10 years has always been to personalize the world, joining forces with large multinational companies such as: Autodesk, Carhartt, CenterState Bank, Citrix, Publishers Clearing House, Zumiez and many more. These alliances have provided real-time data-driven experiences across all channels, including web, email, mobile, adtech, social, call-center, in-store and in-branch.

What will this acquisition by Salesforce mean?

The acquisition of Evergage by Salesforce is a major move that delivers Evergage’s multi-channel customization and machine learning capabilities to complement Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s data and audience segmentation modules. This gives companies using the Marketing Cloud the ability to deliver more relevant experiences across all user interactions throughout the customer journey.

This move by Salesforce may have its main focus on enhancing Interaction Studio’s capabilities at the level of Web-level event listening. We also look forward to seeing the changes this acquisition will bring in a future Salesforce Marketing Cloud upgrade.

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